Zagar 'Pushing' For EL Gold

Matej Zagar has described his determination to help see the Rentruck Aces through to the 2016 Elite League Grand Final after they bounced back to take control of their Semi-Final clash with Lakeside.

The 33-year old has been struggling to find the form he’s so fabled for just recently, but proved he’s on the right track on Wednesday night despite a less-than-desirable last place to start to his evening.

Unfortunately for the Slovenian, he attracted quite a level of controversy in Heat 13 after leaving the track following an unsatisfactory start, contravening Speedway Regulation 15.2.2 in the process.

But his exclusion caused no detriment to the Rentruck Aces’ late domination of the meeting, and his contribution of six points – including two heat wins – ultimately proved to be a most vital haul.

He said: “For us to finish the meeting on such a high is fantastic. The last thing we wanted was to be beaten and left to wonder what went wrong ahead of the home leg, so we’re feeling pretty good.

Matej Zagar & Craig Cook lead Richard Lawson  (IC)

“It’s crunch time now and we don’t have any more meetings left to be testing equipment. On a personal level, these last few weeks have been pretty tough for me and not just here in the UK.

“My biggest concerns have all centred around what I can do to make myself faster at home. I was testing a new engine last week but it wasn’t working great. On this track you need fast machines.

“Obviously that’s a given wherever you’re competing though. This year has been a struggle for me across the board and it’s the inconsistencies that’ve meant the difference between a win and a loss.

“But I’ve been working very hard on myself and my equipment to get myself back on track for the end of season. I’ve still got big ambitions in the sport and big ambitions for the Belle Vue Aces.”

Zagar has made no secret of his desire to secure Elite League gold with the Mancunian club and has frequently commented on how much it would mean to him to win top prize after four years’ service.

He continued: “I’ve spent so many seasons with this club, four in total. I’ve only ever matched that when I rode for Reading. I’ve finished second in the league before now with both of these teams.

“Defeat for the Racers was very painful because I was injured at the time and unable to compete, and losing by two points last year with Belle Vue was equally hard so I’d love to turn that around.

“This club hasn’t won the title in 23 years and I personally have never won an Elite League title before. We’d love to win the gold so if God’s going to push us to victory, then hopefully we’ll get it!”

Friday 23rd September 2016