Grand Final The Hottest Ticket In Town!

Belle Vue captain Scott Nicholls is firm in his conviction that the Rentruck Aces can be crowned Elite League Champions after demolishing Lakeside 112-69 in their Play Off Semi-Final.

A mere 8 points was the deficit going into Leg 2 at the National Speedway Stadium on Wednesday, where the home team were without Australian Max Fricke due to clashes with the Swedish finals.

But their guest on the night - former Belle Vue Ace Patrick Hougaard - put in his shift of 6+1 to cover for the 20-year old, who is expected to return to the side for next week’s Grand Final.

Scott Nicholls leads Patrick Hougaard, Richard Lawson & Edward Kennett   (IC)

Tickets for the Mancunian leg of the clash - set for October 5 - have been on sale less than 24 hours and already the ticket office has been overwhelmed by the huge demand by fans.

Blocks C, D and E in the main grandstand are already sold out and Blocks A and B are also well on the way. Tickets are still available in Blocks F and G, and also the South Terrace areas.

Skipper Nicholls was delighted with his side’s performance against the Hammers, while his own contribution of 12+2 certainly settled the nerves ahead of the clubs biggest meeting of the season.

“It’s about time!” he chuckles. “I’ve made no secret of my struggles around this track and again on Wednesday I made changes to compliment my performance. Hopefully they were the right ones.

“I felt a lot better on the bike and I was a lot more comfortable. I rode two different engines on the night and was much happier with the second in truth. Overall it was a good night’s work for me.

“Looking back at the semi-final on the whole, we knew we could push Lakeside hard at home but to be honest we never dreamed we’d come away from Arena Essex with such a lead as we did.

“You can never underestimate anybody and though the pressure was off us a little bit, we knew the Hammers would be up for a fight and so we had to be prepared for anything they threw at us.

“As the night went on, the deficit on aggregate was such that we felt comfortable enough to try a few things but nothing too adventurous. It’s final time next week and we need to be ready.”

After sensationally recovering from the 12-point deficit Poole held against them, Wolverhampton are now all that stands between the Rentruck Aces and the 2016 Elite League Championship title.

Said Nicholls: “None of us were too flustered about who we’d face in the Final, but I think for me it’s great to see Wolverhampton in there with us because it guarantees a new league champion.

“What’s more complimentary to us though is the fact that we haven’t changed our team all season. Nearly every other team has made changes at some point whereas we’ve retained the same 1-7.

“We’ve worked hard to get to this point, just as we did last year. But now we’re more determined than ever to finish the job. We are a powerful team and I firmly believe we have what it takes.”

Thursday 29th September 2016