Let The Grand Final Begin!

Steve Worrall has declared the Belle Vue Aces “pumped up” for the 2016 Elite League Grand Final as the team prepare to travel to Wolverhampton’s Monmore Green Stadium for Leg 1 on Monday.

The League Leaders will head to the Midlands buoyed by confidence after decimating Lakeside 112-69 on aggregate, though at the same time exercising caution against the new-look Wolves.

Steve Worrall hits the front against Wolverhampton earlier in the season  (IC)

Despite the one-way traffic when the Vortex Hammers visited the National Speedway Stadium last week, Worrall insists his septet were put through their paces and made to earn their victory.

He said: “In all honesty we didn’t find the Lakeside meeting placed too much pressure on us. The last time they came here, no disrespect to them, we beat them quite easily here in Manchester.

“So from that we kind of knew what to expect but we weren’t complacent about it. It’s something we discussed on the track walk because they can be feisty customers, the Hammers boys.

“The score line didn’t really reflect how hard they made us work on the night, but as we’ve consistently done this year we kept our heads down and went out and did the best we could do.

“On the night is was more than enough to ensure we got ourselves through to the Final, so now we’ve got to regroup and prepare for the toughest match of our season against Wolves next week.”

Amongst the powerful rivals that await them on Monday is World Champion Tai Woffinden, who was recalled to his second home after the Wolves recently parted ways with Joonas Kylmakorpi.

Though a rejuvenated team to that which they last encountered, Worrall is optimistic that Belle Vue’s own new lease of life - after their shock defeat to King’s Lynn - will aid their counter attack.

He continued: “Our meeting against the Stars on August 24 stunned us really. It was probably a good thing to be honest because it felt like a turning point for everyone that really woke us up.

“On a personal level it would’ve been nice to finish the job against Poole after they beat us last year but we have a great track record against Wolves and I’m really looking forward to facing them.

“We’re the only team to have beaten them at Monmore Green this year so of course that gives us a great boost of confidence ahead of the first leg, and it’s a track we all quite enjoy riding as well.

“Since we were last there though they have brought Tai Woffinden back into their side which will no doubt have an impact on proceedings, but for us he’s just another opposing rider to be beaten.

“When it boils down to it, all the boys are really pumped up for this Final. We didn’t finish top of the league for nothing. We’re fully capable of lifting the trophy on Wednesday. Now it’s time to prove it.”


Wolverhampton ‘Parrys International’ Wolves
Fredrik Lindgren; Peter Karlsson; Jacob Thorssell; Tai Woffinden; Sam Masters; Max Clegg; Kyle Howarth
Team Manager: Peter Adams

Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces
Matej Zagar; Steve Worrall; Max Fricke; Scott Nicholls (C); Craig Cook; Richie Worrall; Joe Jacobs
Team Manager: Mark Lemon

Sunday 2nd October 2016