Gordon Hails 'Successful Year'

Belle Vue CEO David Gordon has hailed the determination and tenacity of the club as the driving force behind their 2016 success after beginning their year under the most distressing circumstances.

The Rentruck Aces fell short of the Elite League title by just 10 points on Wednesday – having pulled back an 18-point deficit - while Wolverhampton romped to their first top flight victory since 2009.

But their year-long achievements, which include topping the table and adjusting to a brand new track, far outweigh the disappointment felt at earning a silver medal for a second successive year.

The 2016 Aces

Gordon said: “Wolverhampton were the better team on the night and we congratulate them on their victory, and though we’re disappointed this defeat can only make Belle Vue stronger as a club.

“I am proud of what we have achieved this year under a difficult set of circumstances. Since the catastrophe of the Grand Opening Meeting caused by defective circuit construction we’ve been on the back foot.

“We’ve had to deal with and endure the financial and legal issues forced onto us as a result, which ultimately became distractions that have absorbed a considerable amount of time and energy.

“It wasn’t something that was predicted and even today we continue to suffer the effects of what happened. They haven’t disappeared and we still face many challenges over the coming months.

“But we are strong and determined. We wouldn’t boast a successful team, a state-of-the-art venue or a world-class track by exhibiting weakness and a lot of our determination comes from the fans.

“The passion they showed for the team during the Grand Final was remarkable, not just at Wolves but also in Manchester they turned out in force – a 4000-strong crowd - to support Belle Vue.

“We must also give credit to the riders and Mark Lemon for everything they’ve done and for their patience after the disrupted start to our season. They’re Aces heroes who’ve ridden under immense pressure.

“The necessity to perform in away matches while the track was repaired by the contractors was crucial but they rose to the task, and when our home campaign launched they tackled this 6-month old circuit with equal tenacity.

“With the background of our campaign we cannot fail to be anything but proud of them, and again what they have achieved is tremendous and demonstrates perfectly what this club is all about.

“No matter what, when faced with adversity we always pull through. I would just like to personally thank the Aces fans, the team and the staff here at Belle Vue Speedway for a brilliant 2016.”

Just as they began it back in May, the Belle Vue Colts will have the honour of closing the National Speedway Stadium’s maiden campaign with two final meetings, scheduled for October 14 and 21.

Thursday 6th October 2016