Colts Impress In Young Stars Showdown

In their penultimate meeting of the season, the Belle Vue Colts secured a very impressive 48-42 victory over the King’s Lynn Young Stars at Manchester’s National Speedway Stadium on Friday.

Despite there being no points nor prizes on the cards for the win, the Cool Running Colts battle rigorously with their opponent as though their lives depended on it right from the very first heat.

With Dan Bewley confined to the sidelines for the rest of the season, the club were operating the Rider Replacement facility at No.3 while being further boosted by the return of Rob Shuttleworth.

The Young Stars showed plenty of promise early doors, managing to outclass the home team and maintain a slim advantage on this unfamiliar territory until the Colts bit back with a vengeance.

Lee Payne, Nathan Greaves & Rob Shuttleworth  (IC)

A vital 5-1 courtesy of Lee Payne and the returning Shuttleworth in Heat 9 put the Mancunians back in the driving seat of proceedings, leaving their rivals the arduous task of trying to catch up.

But though they put everything they had into their remaining heats, they just couldn’t overcome the growing power of the home side and ultimately conceded the win after a valiant effort to recover.

Belle Vue team manager Steve Williams said: “It was always going to be a tough match against King’s Lynn. They’ve got some decent riders and some very promising young talent in their team.

“As Graham [Goodwin] has previously mentioned, they do things very similar to ourselves and have adopted a similar philosophy to us as regards to the development of young riders.

“Dale Allitt is a good adversary. He knows his stuff and how to implement strategies with his team but our lads dug in very deep; we knew we had to put on a good performance for the fans.

“The Adrian Flux Arena is quite a big track like ours so we did expect a stern test from them. But really we have the same trouble as the Aces in that our circuit is a very fair one to all teams.

“All six of ours gave it everything they had on the night. They were trailing half way through and not only came back but responded well enough to stretch their lead and keep the Stars at bay.”

Williams will no doubt be hoping his Colts duo of Matt Williamson and Rob Shuttleworth will carry the success of Friday night into the upcoming National League Pairs tournament this Sunday.

The event, to be held at the home of the Young Stars on Saddlebow road, is the final Speedway GB event of the season and will pit them against some of the National League’s toughest duos.

Williams continued: “This is a difficult league to be competing in on any day of the week, and the Pairs competition can be even more so given these guys are up against some very strong pairings.

“Both Rob and Matt always give everything we ask of them and more, and they won’t be going there to make up numbers. They’re there to win and we fully believe they are capable of doing so.”


Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts

Matt Williamson 16, Rob Shuttleworth 12+1, Lee Payne 10+1, Tom Woolley 5+1, Andy Mellish 4+1, David Holt 1+1, Dan Bewley R/R

King’s Lynn ‘Stebbings Car Superstore’ Young Stars

Jon Armstrong (G) 14, Taylor Hampshire 9+1, Nathan Greaves 9, Scott Campos 8+1, Ryan Kinsley 2+1, Lewis Whitmore 0, Tom Stokes R/R

Friday 14th October 2016