Mellish: 'A Year To Be Proud Of!'

Club reserve Andy Mellish has echoed captain Matt Williamson’s determination to round off their season in a blaze of glory when the Cool Running Colts tackle Birmingham and Coventry on Friday.
League leaders the Surestop Brummies will take the lead on the night, kicking off the action at 7pm while the City Gearboxes Storm will follow up in the second half of this final, pre-winter sizzler.
In particular, it’s a case of settling unfinished business with the Coventry boys after they recently hammered their northern rivals 51-39 during their clash at Brandon Stadium on September 16.
The Midlanders have endured a nightmarish season in many respects, from dwindling crowd numbers to a less-than-auspicious Third Tier ranking. They currently rank 10th in the standings.
Adding insult to injury, their team have not raced together in over a month. Their last appearance was September 18 at Eastbourne where they were unceremoniously defeated 54-36 by the Eagles.
It does bring into consideration the notion of race-rustiness, though the Belle Vue boys have never been known to underestimate their opponents no matter how fresh their campaign may still be.

Andy Mellish  (CDS)

Mellish said: “It’ll be tough, there’s no doubt about it. With Birmingham you’re faced with perhaps the hardest team in the league while with Coventry maybe not quite as tough, but still very feisty.
“We know the Brummies quite like our track, given the result they got here last time but the Storm are still relatively unknown quantities here; Even at this stage, this is a circuit they’ve yet to visit!
“But we won’t be underestimating either of these teams. Coventry haven’t had the greatest year but they did a number on us at Brandon and so of course we’re up for returning the favour on Friday.
“That was a very important weekend for us. That night in September, we were the second of a double-header that began with the Coventry Bees and admittedly that was my first look at Brandon.
“It was a disappointing result because we didn’t necessarily ride bad. It perhaps just took us a while to get going as we were certainly stronger towards the end of the meeting than we were initially.
“By then the damage was done which is why, as I mentioned, we’re keen to put right our mistakes. Friday’s a big night for the team. We want to win both meetings and put on a show for the fans.
“All seven of us have been lucky to be with the Colts this year. We’ve not taken that for granted. The fans have been fantastic and to finish on a high would be our way of giving something back to them.”

Tuesday 18th October 2016