Carswell Issues Rallying Call

With their season drawing to a close, co-promoter George Carswell is calling for fans to “fill the grandstand” as the Belle Vue Colts prepare for one final appearance before the winter sets in.
Despite just missing out on Play Off qualification, the Aces’ more junior counterparts have made quite the triumphant return to British Speedway’s third tier after an absence of nearly five years.
Club No.5 Dan Bewley and heat leader Lee Payne will unfortunately miss both meetings, the former due to ongoing injury concerns with a concussion and the latter due to a pre-booked family holiday.
The Cool Running Colts will operate the Rider Replacement facility for Payne at No.3, while the Guest facility will be implemented for Bewley. Nathan Greaves is the man who receives the call up.
In similar fashion, the Brummies will also be tracking a guest – Mitchell Davey – at No.1 for injury victim Zach Wajtknecht while Rider Replacement will be in effect at No.2 for Danyon Hume.
The Coventry Storm meanwhile have called on Jack Parkinson-Blackburn as their Guest at No.4 in place of the injured Dan Greenwood, with R/R for Ryan Terry-Daley who’s returned to New Zealand.

George Carswell chats to Colts reserves David Holt & Andy Mellish   (CS)
With a calibre of racing equal to that of the Elite League, Carswell states there can be no better way to draw the curtain on a successful debut season than by celebrating with the Belle Vue fans.
He said: “It’s our last chance this season to see speedway in Manchester so it’s an excellent time – for anyone who’s not seen the Colts in particular – to come down and enjoy a night of racing.
“We’ve 30 heats of speedway on offer against two very exciting teams, Birmingham and Coventry. It will be an extremely entertaining evening and one which we are very much looking forward to.
“Anyone who has attended National League meetings this year will tell you that the racing is as good – if not, better – than that in the Elite League. These boys battle hard for every point they earn.
“For a first-year team, we’ve done remarkably well. Despite not completing all our fixtures on time we finished just outside of Play Off qualification which is a remarkable achievement in my opinion.
“The teams that finished above us are the stand-alone teams who are much stronger, and included in their number is Birmingham. Being top of the league, they present their own unique challenge.
“They’ve been virtually undefeated all year and racked up some massive scores; basically, demolishing most teams who race them. They’re responsible for knocking us out of the KOC!
“So we’re very eager to have another crack at them. Coventry however are a completely different kettle of fish. Though they’re not one of the high-ranking teams they do have some excellent riders.
“They saw us off at Brandon just recently which was a bit of a wake-up call for us, and there’s nothing to suggest they won’t do the same on Friday! They’re not a team to be sniffed at.
“Both teams will I’m sure cause us some problems but we have a determined bunch of lads who are more than capable of winning both of these meetings, and they’ll do everything they can to deliver.”

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts

Matt Williamson  (C); Tom Woolley; Lee Payne  R/R; Rob Shuttleworth; Nathan Greaves (G); David Holt; Andy Mellish; No.8 Joe Lawlor

Team Managers: Stephen Williams & Graham Goodwin

Birmingham ‘Surestop’ Brummies

Mitchell Davey (G); Danyon Hume  R/R; Darryl Ritchings; Tom Bacon; Tom Perry (C); Jack Smith; Jack Parkinson-Blackburn

Team Manager:  Graham Drury

Coventry ‘City Gearboxes’ Storm

Mitchell Davey; Ryan Terry-Daley R/R;Conor Dwyer; Jack Parkinson-Blackburn (G); Liam Carr (C); Callum Walker; Jamie Halder

Team Manager:  Laurence Rogers

Wednesday 19th October 2016