Determined Colts Aim For Big Finale

Steve Williams says his side can expect to be tested on Friday when they face off against Coventry and Birmingham, as they bid to find out how far their National League efforts could’ve taken them.
Circumstances beyond their control meant the Cool Running Colts didn’t complete all their fixtures before the end-of-season Play Off deadline, though they are still determined to see them through.
Their victory over King’s Lynn last week had a bittersweet ring to it after coming so close to the top four, but nonetheless Williams says his team can be proud of their debut season achievements.

2016 Belle Vue Colts  (IC)
He said: “Without a doubt these guys can be proud! At the start of the year there were a couple of clubs tipped for the top, but I think we’ve proved our worth as one of the strongest teams out there.

“If we’d have managed to get our fixtures in before the cut-off I’ve no doubt we’d have been in the mix for the title. But even finishing fifth, we believe that’s testament to how hard we’ve ridden.

“Individually and collectively, everyone has done their job this year. Now we want to round off the season by delivering the goods in our last double-header, hopefully with a full grandstand to see it.
“We’ve been doing a bit of a campaign on social media with #fillthegrandstand in the hope that people will join us because it’d mean everything to our lads to bow out in front of a big crowd.

“The value for money - at no more than £15 - for thirty heats of speedway is fantastic and with two entertaining meetings on offer I think we can do it, provided people take the time to come down.

“Each and every one of our riders has given everything they could muster to our campaign and we’re very proud of them all, which is why we’d love to see the stadium packed out with fans.”

There’s also the small mater of team planning for 2017, with all of the Cool Running Colts no doubt hoping to make the most of this last chance to impress club bosses before the winter break.

Williams continued: “It means everything to these lads to put on that race jacket and ride for Belle Vue, and win meetings but they won’t be judged on only the result of Friday night’s proceedings.

“Team building for next year isn’t something we’ve discussed at the present time but if it was possible to bring all of them back we would do; unfortunately speedway doesn’t work that way.

“This team has put everything into their performance all season. Their spirit has been absolutely second to none, and the passion they have riding for this club has really shone through.”

Friday 21st October 2016