Colts Bow Out On Victory

Defeat at the hands of the Birmingham Brummies was not how Belle Vue had hoped the first of their two Friday night meetings would turn out, though the result was not entirely unexpected.

Mechanical problems prevailed in the pits of the Cool Running Colts, afflicting several of their riders and compromising their overall efforts to ultimately secure victory over the league leaders.

The Surestop Brummies meanwhile capitalised on their rivals misfortune and stamped their authority on proceedings almost immediately; leading the meeting by 12 points after Heat 5.

But the home guard refused to surrender without a fight and produced some stunning laps in their fightback, with Matt Williamson and Rob Shuttleworth putting in some very impressive displays.

Tom Woolley & Rob Shuttleworth lead Jack Parkinson-Blackburn  (IC)

Despite the valour of all seven, it was not enough to prevent the inevitable, and the Birmingham Brummies finished their half of the night as winners in Manchester to the tune of a 34-56 triumph.

Team manager Graham Goodwin said: “We knew we were up against it with Birmingham. They’re a very strong outfit, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them go on and win the league.

“It’s a tough enough meeting where nobody has any issues but we were just beset by them, and Nathan Greaves in particular had a nightmare. Both of his bikes are gone, plagued with problems.

“Andy Mellish had some clutch problems which is really unusual. The track’s also a little different to how we’d normally like it because it’s had to be prepared for two meetings rather than one.

“Plus with winter coming, it’s retained a lot more moisture than we’re used to and the lads have struggled. But they didn’t complain, they knuckled down to find a solution for the Coventry match.

“Of course the boys were disappointed to lose their penultimate meeting. They’re fighters however and it only made us more determined to win our final match before we close our season here.”

There was no disputing the determination of the Cool Running Colts when they took to the track for the final time in 2016 against the Coventry Storm and secured the victory they’d set out to achieve.

A late change to the Belle Vue line-up saw Birmingham’s Jack Smith step in for Nathan Greaves, who was unable to continue his night following his earlier bike problems against Birmingham.

With a clean slate before them, the home team put their earlier defeat to one side and went on to dominate the City Gearboxes Storm at the National Speedway Stadium, winning 52-37.

Club No.4 Tom Woolley said: “We were disappointed after the Birmingham meeting so of course our determination to finish our campaign with a win was strong, and that’s exactly what we did.

“You can’t underestimate any speedway team. Coventry have got some top riders and they certainly put them to good use ton Friday. Personally I don’t feel my own performance was great.

“It’s a shame the season has to end here really. All the boys have got on so well this year and worked together like a big family. It’s quite emotional because we’ve been through a lot.

“After what happened at the start of the season, we can only be proud of how far we’ve come and not just with respect to the league table. We’ve learned and developed a lot riding for Belle Vue.”


Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts 34

Matt Williamson 12, Rob Shuttleworth 8, Nathan Greaves 6, Tom Woolley 4+3, Andy Mellish 4, David Holt 0, Lee Payne R/R

Birmingham ‘Surestop’ Brummies 56
Jack Smith 16+1, Tom Bacon 12, Tom Perry 11+1, Jack Parkinson-Blackburn 8+3, Mitchell Davey 8+1, Lee Geary 1+1, Danyon Hume R/R

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts 52
Rob Shuttleworth 13+1, Jack Smith 13, Matt Williamson 12, Andy Mellish 7+3, Tom Woolley 5, David Holt 2+1, Lee Payne R/R

Coventry ‘City Gearboxes’ Storm 37
Mitchell Davey 13, Jack Parkinson-Blackburn 12, Liam Carr 5, Conor Dwyer 3+3, Callum Walker 3, Jamie Halder 1, Ryan Terry-Daley R/R

Friday 21st October 2016