Shakedown Hailed A Success

Belle Vue celebrated a triumphant evening on Friday night after declaring their Shakedown Event a success, with their attention now turning to their season opener, the 2017 Peter Craven Memorial.

The crispy March night attracted over 900 hundred fans, who flocked to the National Speedway Stadium where they were greeted with their very first Mancunian methanol fix of the season.

The event primarily served as means for the new management to ensure the state-of-the-art venue was fully operation and ready for the upcoming wealth of top flight and National League fixtures.

The majority of riders from both the Aces and the Colts were in attendance on the night where they performed to a carefully choreographed itinerary of group practices, tape starts and lap dashes.

It provided a unique insight into what we can expect from the two teams this year, and if Friday night is anything to go by then there’s no question that each could prove a formidable force.

Individually, there were excellent displays of speed, power and panache. For the returning riders certainly, there was air of euphoria to be back riding the track they came to love last year.

Mark Lemon & Adrian Smith complete the signing of Chase the Ace

The club also unveiled their final ‘signing’ of the season in the form of their brand new mascot Chase the Ace, who proved an instant hit with the crowds and in particular the younger audience!

Chase makes a welcome addition to Belle Vue’s ‘Junior Vue’ programme but will also play a significant role in boosting support for the club while making weekly appearances at each meeting.

The night concluded with the draw for the upcoming 2017 Peter Craven Memorial, scheduled for April 1st at 7:30pm. Tickets for the event are still available online at


MAIN FIELD: 1. Patrick Hougaard; 2. Todd Kurtz; 3. Matej Žagar; 4. Charles Wright; 5. Rohan Tungate; 6. Kenneth Bjerre; 7. Jason Garrity; 8. Brady Kurtz; 9. James Sargeant; 10. Joe Jacobs; 11. Ricky Wells; 12. Max Fricke; 13. Ben Barker; 14. Troy Batchelor; 15. Josh Grajczonek;
16. Justin Sedgmen

RESERVES: 17. Tero Aarnio; 18. Lee Payne

Photo - Hayley Bromley

Saturday 25th March 2017