Wright Targets Top Honours

Local lad Charles Wright is looking to make the most of his Saturday night appearance at Manchester’s National Speedway Stadium as the British Speedway season kicks into high gear.

Wright, who takes his place with top flight newcomers Somerset for the upcoming year, will line up alongside a powerful pack of his Premiership rivals in the 2017 Peter Craven Memorial on April 1.

Of the handful of meetings already under his belt the 28-year old has produced several noteworthy performances, including silver in the prestigious Cumberland Open behind winner Craig Cook.

Now the Stockport-born rider is determined to build on his great start to the campaign by gunning for honours in the name of one of Belle Vue Speedway’s most legendary world champions.

He said: “I want a good meeting on Saturday. I feel I've had a few questionable matches so far so I’m aiming to have a great night. With the track at Belle Vue, I feel sure that will be the case.

“You couldn’t ask for a better circuit. It’s as very specialist track in my opinion so you need to make sure you’ve got the right engine and the set-ups for the job. In that respect, I feel really good.

“I'm looking forward to it. I've been training hard all winter and as the season progresses I’m hoping that a lot of the effort I’ve put in off the track will be translated into the best results when I’m on track.

“I’ve got a lot of experience under my belt so I feel I’m capable of giving everyone in the field a good run for their money. But I don’t look at who’s in my races. They’re all there to be beaten.

“There’s only one way of kicking on in your career and that’s to go up against better riders, pushing yourself to improve and knowing you can beat them and on my day, I believe I can beat anyone.”

Tickets for the Peter Craven Memorial on April 1 are still available online via the club’s website. For the latest news, fixture information and for event ticket prices, visit www.bellevueaces.co.


1. Patrick Hougaard; 2. Todd Kurtz; 3. Matej Žagar; 4. Charles Wright; 5. Rohan Tungate; 6. Kenneth Bjerre; 7. Jason Garrity; 8. Brady Kurtz; 9. James Sargeant; 10. Joe Jacobs; 11. Ricky Wells; 12. Max Fricke; 13. Ben Barker; 14. Troy Batchelor; 15. Josh Grajczonek
16. Justin Sedgmen (17. Tero Aarnio; 18. Lee Payne)

Photo - Colin Burnett

Friday 31st March 2017