Aces Dominate Reigning Champions

The Belle Vue Aces continued their blistering start to the 2017 campaign with a comprehensive 54-38 win over reigning champions Wolverhampton; bagging themselves another 3 league points.

At first glance it appeared the visitors were out to deliver a repeat performance of their 2016 Grand Final triumph, hammering their hosts with a first-heat 5-1 from Kyle Howarth and Freddie Lindgren.

But the Rentruck Aces were quick to respond, with the young reserve duo of Dan Bewley and Jack Smith immediately pulling the scores level with their own impressive race advantage in Heat 2.

From there it was business as usual for the home side, though the Parrys International Wolves stubbornly refused to let them wreak the same havoc they dished out against Poole last week.

For the majority of the opening heats only two points separated the two teams, until Smith and the storming Steve Worrall paved the way for the Rentruck Aces to dominate the day in Heat 8.

A succession of 5-1s in favour of the hosts saw the Wolves turn tactical in Heat 11, with Lindgren going for double points while captain Craig Cook rode the race of his life to negate any damage.

Meanwhile club No.3 Kenneth Bjerre joined the skipper amongst the ranks of the maximum men after powering to a full 15-point maximum in front of a packed-out National Speedway Stadium.

Kenneth Bjerre leads Jacob Thorssell

Bjerre said: “I did push Jacob [Thorssell] quite hard in Heat 15, but he in turn pushed me quite hard as well. He was quick but I really wanted that maximum, and in the end I managed to get the win.

“I haven’t been feeling all too well these past few days. I’ve had a little bit of the flu but when you put your helmet on you don’t think about things like that and to be honest I felt great on the bike.

“Track conditions were a little bit out of the ordinary to begin with. We did have a fair bit of rain in Manchester this morning but nothing to cause any serious detriment to the level of racing.

“It’s testament to this new Belle Vue track. It can cope very well even in bad weather. In the end, we all had a great day. The team performed well and we got a very convincing win. We’re happy.”

Team boss Mark Lemon added: “We knew Wolves would be tricky customers, particularly after last year’s Grand Final, but the boys chipped in and delivered a professional performance on Friday.

“Conditions did test them to begin with. It’s never enjoyable when the track is heavy and wet but I was so impressed with the way they knuckled down and got on with things, and got the job done.”


Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces 54

Kenneth Bjerre 15, Craig Cook 10, Steve Worrall 7+2, Jack Smith 6+3, Max Fricke 6+1, Justin Sedgmen 5+1, Dan Bewley 5+1

Wolverhampton ‘Parrys International’ Wolves 38
Freddie Lindgren 12+2, Jacob Thorssell 8+2, Kyle Howarth 7, Sam Masters 7, Adam Skornicki 2, Max Clegg 2, Nathan Greaves 0

Photo - Ian Charles

Friday 14th April 2017