Aces Top Premiership Table

The Belle Vue Aces stormed to the top of the Premiership table on Wednesday after beating King’s Lynn 40-50, with skipper Craig Cook completing a faultless 15-point maximum in the process.

A strong start from the Rentruck Aces pairing of Steve Worrall and Max Fricke left their hosts with plenty to do as the northerners asserted their authority on proceedings with a 5-1 to kick things off.

Determined not to let the visitors run rampant the Trucks R’ Us Stars sprung into action, managing to recover the early deficit and surpass the northerners to re-take control of the meeting.

It was a short-lived reprieve however as again Fricke and Worrall struck at the heart of the King’s Lynn defence, putting the Mancunians ahead and in a prime position to start pulling away.

It was an opportunity they took full advantage of. Going into Heat 11, they commanded a four-point lead over their Norfolk rivals which they swiftly extended to eight points ahead with just one to go.

Team boss Mark Lemon said: “We needed a result in Heat 15 to ensure we won by at least seven. We wanted the maximum 4 league points on the night and that’s exactly what we got.

Craig Cook scored a 15 point maximum

“Craig Cook had just the perfect evening. The pressure was on in that last race but he went out there, no concerns and delivered the heat advantage we needed with Max Fricke. I’m delighted!

“The Stars put up a tough fight but again, our guys proved the better of the two sides and it was fantastic to see Steve Worrall and Justin Sedgmen bounce back and have such a good meeting.

“The belief in this team is contagious. We came to King’s Lynn believing we could win. The boys chipped in and worked together, they never lost faith and they earned this fantastic result.

“We’re now top of the table which is an amazing feeling. Every league point at this stage is vital. We need to pick up as many as we can, everywhere we go and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”


King’s Lynn ‘Trucks R’ Us’ Stars 40

Troy Batchelor 10+1, Robert Lambert 8, Nicklas Porsing 6+1, Kai Huckenbeck 5+1, Chris Holder 5, Lewis Rose 4+1, Josh Bailey 2+1

Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces 50

Craig Cook 15, Steve Worrall 10+1, Max Fricke 9+1, Justin Sedgmen 6+1, Kenneth Bjerre 6, Dan Bewley 3, Jack Smith 1

SGB Premiership Points: King’s Lynn 0 Belle Vue 4

Photo- Ian Charles

Wednesday 19th April 2017