Colts Aim To Emulate Aces Success

The Belle Vue Colts launch their National League title contention on Saturday with a visit to Stoke and club No.2 Andy Mellish is confident his side can emulate the early season success of the Aces.

Last year’s incarnation of the Cool Running Colts came heartbreakingly close to qualifying for the end-of-season Play Offs and they are determined to go one better and finish the job this season.

Andy Mellish

Track specialists Lee Payne and Rob Shuttleworth both trace their early speedway careers back to Loomer Road, though the latter is in action for Championship side Workington on the night.

The club will operate the Rider Replacement facility for Shuttleworth at No.3. But even without the 23-year old, Payne, along with powerful No.1 Dan Bewley, will no doubt lead the team’s assault.

The Potters meanwhile boast an experienced septet of riders who could prove tough customers, none more so than veteran Tony Atkin who, at 51 years young, is still as gifted as the youngsters.

Mellish said: “I think we've got a strong chance. On paper our team is as solid as they come and we’re further encouraged by the performance of some of the lads at Loomer Road two weeks ago.

“Rob, Lee and Kyle all put in a brilliant night’s work. That i’m sure not only gave them some vital track time but also perhaps an insight into what we can expect from the track on Saturday night.

“Stoke’s team, I think, is the strongest it’s ever been; certainly since for as long as i can remember. “Mitchell Davey is a solid, all-round No.1 ad of course Tony Atkin is vastly experienced.

“There’s some good lads in there. David Speight and Wallinger are big grass track riders and both very capable at reserve. It’ll be tough for us but we’re excited and very keen to get racing.

“With the early success of the Aces I think there may be an element of unspoken pressure on the lads to kick off as well as they have, and I see no reason why we can’t emulate their performance.”

The Cool Running Colts will commence their National League season at home next Friday, April 28, against the Mildenhall Fen Tigers. Tickets are on sale now at


Stoke ‘A.R. Richards Ltd’ Potters
Mitchell Davey, Shaun Tedham, Ryan Terry-Daley, Tony Atkin (C); Luke Priest, David Speight David Wallinger.

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts
Dan Bewley, Andy Mellish, Rob Shuttleworth R/R, Jack Smith, Lee Payne (C), Kyle Bickley, Luke Woodhull; Ben Woodhull (No.8)

Photo - Ian Charles

Saturday 22nd April 2017