Goodwin: 'Cradley Always Earmarked A Challenge'

Colts boss Graham Goodwin says his side are confident ahead of Belle Vue’s upcoming trip to Cradley on Monday even though they again travel without Lee Payne and Rob Shuttleworth.

The two heat leaders crashed out in separate incidents on Saturday night while riding for their Championship clubs, but the Cool Running Colts responded brilliantly to overcome their absence.

They remain three points clear at the top of the National League table after taking a point from Mildenhall and are targeting a similar, if not better, result when they journey to Monmore Green.

Jack Smith leads Zach Wajtknecht & Rob Shuttleworth

Jon Armstrong will guest for Belle Vue in place of Payne at No.5 while the Rider Replacement facility is in effect at No.2, and Goodwin says he’s more than satisfied his side can deliver.

He said: “It’s the same situation we were in on Sunday when we went to Mildenhalll, and judging by our performance down there I believe we’re still capable of producing a good result at Cradley.

“Rob’s out for the minimum 10-day rest period after suffering a concussion on Saturday, as well as a couple of broken fingers, and Lee has aggravated his shoulder and so needs a few days rest.

“We’re very grateful to Jon Armstrong for coming in to assist us. He’s a classy rider with plenty of experience and I’m confident he will do a great job, as I’m sure the rest of the boys will too.

“Cradley was always earmarked as a challenge for us but looking at the bigger picture, and the way the boys handled themselves at Mildenhall, I think we’ve got a great chance of at least a point.

“There’s no question the Heathens are very strong around Monmore Green and of course our boys go into every meeting wanting to win but we've got realistic ambitions as to what we can achieve.

“I’m satisfied that, between them, this team can put on a great show and that view hasn’t changed in the last 24 hours. All we can do is our best, and hopefully it’s enough to get us a point.”

National League action returns to the National Speedway Stadium next Wednesday, May 31, when Belle Vue welcome the Buxton Hitmen to Manchester. Tickets available at


Cradley ‘Motor Market’ Heathens

Danny Ayres, Ryan Burton, Dan Greenwood, Luke Harris, Tom Perry, Conor Dwyer, Joe Lawlor

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts

Dan Bewley, Rob Shuttleworth R/R, Kyle Bickley, Jack Smith, Jon Armstrong (G), Andy Mellish, Luke Woodhull, Ben Woodhull (No.8).

Photo - Ian Charles

Monday 29th May 2017