No Points At The Oaktree

A soggy evening in Somerset ended in frustration for the Belle Vue Aces where a last-minute heat advantage to their opponent cost them the chance of a consolation point at the Oaktree Arena.

Things started off on a promising note for the Rentruck Aces with a 5-1 from Max Fricke and Steve Worrall in Heat 1 granting them an early lead while the Cases Rebels attempted to play catch up.

But an uncharacteristic lack of fire power in the lower order meant the tables quickly turned, and the Mancunians weren’t able to achieve the full potential they typically displayed early season.

Steve Worrall and Josh Grajczonek

It wasn’t all bad news for Mark Lemon’s men though with Kenneth Bjerre and Steve Worrall on fine form despite the questionable conditions, bagging 11 points each while Fricke contributed 9+2.

Reflecting on the night’s events, Lemon said: “We had a couple of weak links that caught us out unfortunately but it was a trying night for both teams and it all came down to how each handled it.

“It was a combination of factors that brought about Friday’s result. The weather played its part in proceedings and made conditions pretty difficult, and we didn't respond as well as the Rebels.

“Max, Kenneth and Steve did a brilliant job between them but three riders don’t make a team and they certainly can’t win meetings all by themselves. In the end it was the better team who won.

“It’s one of those nights where I expected more from the guys than I got, but I’ve still every faith in them. We can’t get discouraged by loss just like we shouldn’t get carried away with winning.

“We a busy month ahead so we must move on and shift our focus to next Friday’s home meeting because Poole will no doubt be looking to correct the mistakes of their previous visit to the NSS.”

With no points from their journey south, the Belle Vue Aces are even more fired up ahead of their home meeting against the Volvo Cars Pirates on June 9. Tickets available at


Somerset ‘Cases’ Rebels 50
Jake Allen 15+2, Charles Wright 14+2, Richard Lawson 11, Josh Grajczonek 5+2, Cameron Heeps 3, Lewis Kerr 2+2, Patrick Hougaard R/R

Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces 40

Steve Worrall 11, Kenneth Bjerre 11, Max Fricke 9+2, Craig Cook 5, Zach Wajtknecht 2, Juston Sedgmen 1, Jack Smith 1.

SGB Premiership Points: Somerset 3 Belle Vue 0

Photo - Ian Charles

Friday 2nd June 2017