Another Sweet Sixty

Another dominant performance from the Belle Vue Colts has given them a comfortable lead at the top of the National League table after they exceeded the 60-point mark for the fifth time at home.
The Isle of Wight had their work cut out when they visited the National Speedway Stadium, where the Cool Running Colts have yet to be defeated having repelled every challenge so far to date.
In typical fashion, the home team led from start to finish with Dan Bewley achieving another full 12-point maximum and Kyle Bickley close behind with 10+4; dropping one point from his five rides.

Dan Bewley leads Connor Coles, Kyle Bickley & Jamie Sealey
Jack Smith bagged 11 points while Andy Mellish hit double figures for the first time with 10+1. Woodhull twins Ben and Luke, and guest Jon Armstrong also contributed solid points to the score.
It was difficult to single out a man of the match, says team boss Steve Williams, because the dynamic amongst his riders is so powerful that they’re all growing in skill and confidence.
He said: “What we saw tonight was another demonstration of how well our boys are dialled into their home track. We’ve had some very good teams come here and none have touched them.
“As a manager, I’d be happy enough winning our meetings by seven or eight but that’s just not good enough for our guys! They want to win every time, and they want to win emphatically.
“The Isle of Wight put up a terrific fight and despite the fact they fell behind quite considerably they weren’t prepared to sit back and watch the whole show. They were as 100% committed as us.
“We couldn’t be in a better position right now, especially going into the Eastbourne fixture on Saturday. Whatever happens down there, we’ll still be at the top of the table either way.
“I’ve no doubt that will change though, given that we’ve got a bit of a break coming up but we’re not concerned about that. The important thing for us is to maintain our overall position in the top four.”

Premiership action resumes at the National Speedway Stadium on Friday, June 23, when the Belle Vue Aces take on top flight newcomers Rye House. Tickets available at

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts 61
Dan Bewley 12, Jack Smith 11, Kyle Bickley 10+4,  Andy Mellish 10+1, Jon Armstrong (G) 7+2, Ben Woodhull 7, Luke Woodhull 4+2, Rob Shuttleworth R/R
Isle of Wight ‘Wightlink’ Warriors 28

Ben Wilson 10, Alex Spooner 6, James Cockle 5, Connor Coles 3, Chris Widman 3, Jamie Sealey 1+1, Kelsey Dugard 0

Photo - Ian Charles

Saturday 17th June 2017