Worrall: 'It’s A World Cup Warm-Up!'

The King’s Lynn Stars are heading to Manchester on Wednesday, July 28, with fervent determination to take victory at the National Speedway Stadium after suffering two home defeats to Belle Vue.

And with the Speedway World Cup fast looming this weekend, the big guns on both sides will be targeting even bigger performances with the knowledge that their countries are watching closely.

Putting in his first maximum of the season with Belle Vue last week, Stars No.1, Troy Batchelor, will be keen to replicate that powerful performance for his own team upon his return to Manchester.

And together with his SWC captain, 2012 world champion Chris Holder and U-21 reserve Max Fricke, the trio will be eager to impress Team Australia boss Mark Lemon ahead of Round 1 at King’s Lynn.

Also starring for his national side in the Swedish qualifying stage is Danish dynamo Kenneth Bjerre, while British #1 and #2, Craig Cook and Steve Worrall, make up half of Alun Rossiter’s GB top four.

Steve Worrall

Worrall’s analysis of this Premiership clash almost likens it to a preview of what we can expect in this week’s World Cup owing to the large concentration of SWC stars competing against each other.

He continued: “It’s a chance for those of us competing in the Speedway World Cup to really stamp our authority on our selection. After all, none of us are in there merely to make up the numbers!

“The results Belle Vue have been getting these past few weeks have boosted our confidence as a team, and our individual performances have improved as a result; and that’s as true for King’s Lynn.

“Troy Batchelor showed his capabilities around the National Speedway Stadium when he guested for us last week, which will no doubt come in handy where the rest of his team mates are concerned.

“I’m confident the Stars will be wanting to pay us back for the two home defeats we’ve dealt them and I can’t blame them, but with our form of late I feel they will find us a difficult team to beat.”

Premiership action takes a short break from Manchester for the 2017 Speedway World Cup, with the Belle Vue Colts picking up their campaign on July 5. Tickets available at www.bellevueaces.co.


Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces

Kenneth Bjerre, Steve Worrall, Max Fricke, Rohan Tungate, Craig Cook (C), Dan Bewley, Jack Smith
Team Manager: Mark Lemon

King’s Lynn ‘Trucks R’ Us’ Stars
Troy Batchelor, Thomas Jorgensen, Kai Huckenbeck, Robert Lambert (C), Chris Holder, Lewis Rose, Danny Ayres
Team Manager: Dale Allitt

Photo - Ian Charles

Tuesday 27th June 2017