Lynn A 'Crucial' Clash

The revamped King’s Lynn Stars finally make their Mancunian debut against Belle Vue on August 11 where they’ll be desperate to put points on the board after losing ground in the Premiership table.

A narrow win over Wolverhampton has put Somerset within range of the top four, while a consolation point to the Wolves has them tied with the Rentruck Aces; who have now moved third.

Steve Worrall and Jack Smith
It means the stakes are raised once again when the Premiership kicks on at the National Speedway Stadium as the hosts battle to enhance their position amongst the fierce Play Off contenders.
The hosts are unfortunately without their Australian duo, Max Fricke and Rohan Tungate, who both miss out on the action because of injury; Fricke due to a fractured neck and Tungate an injured leg.
Storming Somerset second-stringer Cameron Heeps will cover for Tungate at No.4, while a slight team shuffle puts Rider Replacement for Fricke at No.2; with Steve Worrall moving down to No.3.
The Trucks R Us Stars are also missing one of their key players in this crucial match with GB international Robert Lambert absent at No.1. Danny King is the Stars stand-in spearhead.
Belle Vue reserve, Jack Smith said: “Even after some big changes King’s Lynn are still a very strong team and with the way they rode earlier this week, they didn’t deserve to lose against Somerset.
“I’m certain they’ll have their sights set on a big win when they come here so we can’t expect an easy meeting but I know myself and the rest of the boys will be pulling together to get the win.
“It’s frustrating for us not to have Max or Rohan with us. Hopefully those boys will soon recover and be back with us but in the meantime, I feel we have the strength in depth to keep the pressure on.
“Things are so tight at the top of the table and we don’t want to finish our year as but champions. But to do that we can’t afford to let any points slip, and in that respect Friday will be crucial for us.”
The Rentruck Aces are next on the road on August 16 to Rye House, while National League action against Birmingham returns to Manchester on August 18. Tickets available at or from the ticket office on the night.

Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces
Kenneth Bjerre, Max Fricke R/R, Steve Worrall, Cameron Heeps (G), Craig Cook (C), Dan Bewley, Jack Smith; TM: Mark Lemon
King’s Lynn ‘Trucks R Us’ Stars
Danny King (G), Michael Palm Toft, Thomas Jorgensen, Kai Huckenbeck, Tomas H Jonasson, Josh Auty, Nick Porsing; TM: Colin Pratt

Photo - Ian Charles

Thursday 10th August 2017