Bjerre: Practice Makes Perfect

Kenneth Bjerre is keen to emphasise Belle Vue’s play off potential when the Rentruck Aces host King’s Lynn on Friday and has cautioned their top flight rivals against underestimating his side.

Their recent domination of top four chasers Rye House, with three of their regular septet absent, was a clear statement of ambition as the Mancunians pump themselves up for the play offs.

And with the Rentruck Aces tipped to soon be back to full strength, they will undoubtedly be up there amongst the favourites to walk away with the silverware after two years of just missing out.

Steve Worrall & Kenneth Bjerre

Owing to Danish League commitments, R/R will be in effect for Bjerre at No.1 while Richie Worrall and Jan Graversen guest for the injured Max Fricke and Dan Bewley respectively.

But the Aces top gun has echoed Mark Lemon’s sentiments about keeping their goals realistic ahead of the Trucks R Us Stars’ visit on September 1, their final league fixture ahead of the semis.

He said: “After Monday’s run of results, we knew we wouldn’t have a chance of the top spot. But the important thing is that we are safe in the top four and that was our first priority this year.

“On a personal level, I was really happy with my performance on Wednesday. In the days prior I was really struggling for speed and no matter what I did, my engines just weren’t pulling.

“So I brought one of my Polish engines over for that meeting and it was working really well for me, so now I’ve found something that works I’ll be using it for the play offs for certain.

“We’ve still got one league meeting left yet before we start focusing on the semi-finals and though King’s Lynn have found the going tough recently, we can’t say they won’t be trying.

“Last time they came to our place we thought we had the result in the bag and they ended up pushing us into a last-heat decider, so it just proves you can’t take your eye off the ball.

“We needed to use our last meetings wisely, if nothing else to prove to the other clubs that we’re not a soft touch, we’re not pushovers and we’re not going to be an easy target in those play offs.”

While the Rentruck Aces await confirmation of their play off opponent, the Cool Running Colts wrap up their league fixtures away from home with a visit to Kent on September 4th.

They then return to Manchester to pick up their Knock Out Cup campaign with Cradley on September 8.


Belle Vue 'Rentruck' Aces
Kenneth Bjerre R/R, Steve Worrall, Richie Worrall (G), Rohan Tungate, Craig Cook (C), Jan Graversen (G), Jack Smith; TM: Steve Williams & Graham Goodwin

King's Lynn 'Trucks R Us' Stars
Robert Lambert (C(, Thomas Jorgensen, Michael Palm Toft, Kai Huckenbeck, Tomas H Jonasson, Josh Auty, Simon Lambert; TM: TBC

Photo - Ian Charles

Thursday 31st August 2017